Day 97 – Slow Food

At our monthly meeting on Thursday night at Turtlewings, we enjoyed a great presentation by Malika Hamza on the Slow Food Movement in Brussels.  Most people have now heard of Slow Life, which is our focus for our group this year, but have you heard of all the slow attributes which go with it? (includng slow fashion, slow money, slow travel and so on).  We are working our way through the various attributes over the year, and this month, it was the turn of Slow Food

Slow Food stands for Good, Clean, and Fair food:

GOOD a fresh and flavorsome seasonal diet that satisfies the senses and is part of our local culture;
CLEAN food production and consumption that does not harm the environment, animal welfare or our health;
FAIR accessible prices for consumers and fair conditions and pay for small-scale producers.

With over a 150 local chapters around the world, Slow Food enthusiasts try to connect chefs, restaurants, shops, and citizens with local, small-scale food producers and convince them of taking responsibility for what you and I eat.  In other words by convincing the chefs and food producers to work together and stay local, they aim to educate the population via the local restaurants that we eat in.  If we eat great local food when we eat out, we are more likely to search it out to include it in our kitchens and everyday life.

So what type of things can we do towards a Slow Food life?

Firstly, think about where your food is coming from.  On average food travels between 2500 and 4000 kms before it arrives on your plate!  That is one hell of a cost on the environment, and in reality means how fresh is the food that sits on your plate, and how many vitamins and minerals are still alive and kicking?

Secondly, do something about it.  Yes it’s relatively easy!  When buying products, search out local food.  You can buy from local organic markets and search out the box labels to show country of origin (In Brussels, Flagey on weekend mornings is fantastic for this).  You can have organic food delivered to your door (or office) and choose the BENELUX/local sourced products. (see for delivery in Brussels).  You can think about local meat and cheeses, even beers and wines! (although I have to admit I go for the Irish option for meat at Jack O’Shea – Butcher | Home.)  It still feels relatively local to me!

And Thirdly, spread the word.  Talk about it with your friends. Search out local restaurants that practise Slow Food, and try them out.  Cook meals that really mean slow, and enjoy them with Family and Friends. and most of all, enjoy the great taste, and the warm feeling of having helped out your local community!!

Also, put this one in your diary if you live in Brussels, or search out any local initiatives near you;

In September the Brussels Slow Food chapter organizes a ‘Taste Brussels‘ week. In addition to about 60 restaurants offering a ‘slow food menu’ during the time of the festival, they offer gardening courses to set up a balcony-sized vegetable garden, tastings, meetings with local producers, and chefs.

Additional Links:


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Goûter Bruxelles / Proef Brussel – Taste Brussels Week -organic food delivery in Brussels

Local Food Tips – How to Eat More Local Food – The Daily Green.

And  you can look into slow food anywhere……. on our Easter break this is one we will definitely investigate!!

Access to Land in Brittany | Slow Food International – Good, Clean and Fair food..

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  1. turtlewings says:

    Great post! Keep up the amazingly brilliant writing. Especially when it concerns Turtlewings. LOL

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