Day 96 – The Foyer

Great day at work today, we finally put the finishing touches to our new ‘Foyer’, and opened it to applause and accolades.  It was a lovely first project for me, as part of the VM team.  We were on a tight budget while reusing things we found in the building, at the secondhand shop (fab stuff Richard, but we won’t mention the bed!), and begged borrowed (and almost stole) from Dusseldorf office.  It took some convincing (the Management Team about the pallets as a coffee bar), hard negotiating (Lieve with the supplier on the late deliveries – she even managed to get one guy fired!! scary!), and some final scavenging around the buying rooms for the finishing touches (with included an old Palomino Horse that had nearly been dumped).  We managed it, and after a happy afternoon enjoying the new coffee machime, I’m adjusting back into normal life, and thinking about focusing on mens shirt walls…….. not quite the same thrill but never mind! (can’t wait til you start the knitting club in the Foyer though, Sonja!)

Here are ‘the brains and the beauty’ behind the project…… (Lieve and Gert-Jan)

and the creative ‘hands on’ VM team (Bernadette, Sonja and Tamara)

and some shots of the final result.

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