Day 95 – Feeling old (not Groovy!)

Every now and then I have days which should be classified and buried deep in the top secret filing cabinet.  Preferably forever, and which should never be discussed in public.  Problem is it involves the unmistakable, undeniable fact that as life marches forwards, your body stops fighting the good fight, in the ways that it used to.  It cannot be relied on to rally round after a heavy weekend, survive on little sleep, the adrenalin of work, the challenges of kids, and the misfortunes of life.  Now I really have to take the wake up call, and stop arsing around with detox’s, diets, no exercise, and dodgy eyesight, and accept that some things are with me forever, and some things I might stand a chance of changing.

After my annual medical, it’s the usual.  Blood pressure and cholesterol on the high side, feeling overweight and not exercising (except running round like a blue-arsed fly at work and at home…… but obviously that doesn’t count!).  So certain measures are needed, starting with (yikes!) glasses and more exercise……. starting on Day 100, for 100 days.  Upwards and onwards.  5 days to plan ahead…….

4 Responses to “Day 95 – Feeling old (not Groovy!)”
  1. julie anne says:

    Glasses are cool you are going to look so smart and chic. I love the Gucci black frame ones.
    I have a really bad left eye and always wanted glasses, but unfortunately they do not help and could weaken my right eye.
    I will go shopping with you for them, so much fun!

  2. Sjef says:

    Hi, have fun shopping for your new glasses with Jules… and make sure they are the ‘teacher dropping her hair and taking of her glasses’-type…. can’t wait 🙂

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