Day 93 – OMG, how many fingers could you lose in a day?

On Sunday we went to look at the ‘opposition’ to our project REcircle.  It’s a non profit organisation in Brussels that focuses on introducing art to children (hence the name, Art Basics for Children).  It has a great site (we were very envious) and has been operating for about 4 years.  No element of recycling to it, but great art activities for kids.  Normally they work directly with institutions or schools, but this weekend they were organising an open house.  So off we went, 3 adults and 4 kids, and a lot of expectations (or in the case of my kids, no hope, as their last experience of me dragging them out to an art exhibition failed dismally as it focused at 5/6 yrs old when the brochure said 8 to 10!).

It took a while to get them involved, they preferred running around creating havoc rather than being the slightest bit creative.  But then the boys, followed by my daughter, got stuck in the the woodwork atelier part.  This is where my trusty American pal Jules, and myself, as a health and safety Brit freak, had total kittens for an hour.  The equipment consisted of jigsaw machines, sanders, wrenches etc, all without one safety cut out or the close eyes of an adult.  Yikes!  Our kids survived, just, although Kai did manage to burn himself on a wood glue gun.  One things for sure, we will place much more emphasis on safety when we start out……..  Power tools are best left in the hands of the Big Boys, though often just as dangerous!


Art Basics for Children.

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