Day 92 – Saturday was 25 degrees!

The temperature shot up today to 25 deg in Brussels, short lived but much welcomed.  It gave us a chance to get out in the garden and clean up, ready for the garden re-planning (although to be honest it’s never been fully realised in the 10 years+ we’ve been here).

We’re battling with a very thirsty, very large tree, which is a fabulous feature in the garden, but needs containing.  It sucks the ground dry of water, and 3 attempts at grassing (seed and turf) have failed.  This year it’s the turn of somehow gravelling the garden, and creating beds for plants.  Today we started the groundwork and now it’s time to dream and debate how.

That’ll probably go on til Christmas, 2012!!  In the meantime we are going to BBQ before the weather changes…….

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