Day 91 – TGI Friday

Fridays are so cool.  I love the drive home after work anticipating what where and how our weekend will go.  It usually involves me making my mental list of what still needs to be done, who is doing what, and will we all survive until the normality of Sunday night.

Tonight my kids great friend Matthew stays over. So although I have been home for over an hour, it’s all quiet downstairs as they plan their movie night, and work out their nibbles and drinks.

Hubbie has had a busy day, which included attended a moving theatre production at school and fun and games with his website (still not live).

I was having a creative day at work on our ‘Foyer’ project, which involved going out shopping, and in the building scavenging bits and pieces.  Definitely my sort of day.  Head hurts a bit after a morning on Photoshop (driving me crazy as I am so close to cracking auto resize of photos), so I’m easing the evening in with a quick Caipirinha at the kitchen table.  Nice, peaceful, and no signs yet of the ‘Family Rules’ or the Family Squabbles!  Fingers crossed!


check out the recipe on  Alexandra Wang’s Blog: Caipirinha

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