Day 79 – Projectile Vomiting during the Sunday Roast

This afternoon did not go exactly to plan.  As you know, I was managing a rather heavy hangover after a very late night on Saturday.  I slaved over a hot stove, for 2 and a 1/2 hours, with a number of fresh air breaks on the terrace, and numerous cans of tonic water.  I was … Continue reading

Day 78 – 4am in the morning…

I spoke too soon.  Actually it was a good job that we had an early night on Friday, as Saturday turned into a bit of a session.  We were at Doug’s for one of his fabulous curry nights, 10 sensible adults, good conversation, and great food.  We were child-free, as the kids had an unexpected … Continue reading

Day 77 – Friday night…..’Snore on the Sofa’ night

Funny isn’t it?  When we were younger, friday night was the night out.  End of the week, time to let your hair down, and sleep it off the next morning.  Nowadays I hear thursday is the new friday (and presumably the sleeping it off continues, in the office the next day!).  I also have quite … Continue reading

Day 76 – Chicken Wraps with Shiitake Mushrooms

Wednesday nights are my ‘leftovers lurking in the fridge’ night.  It’s the evening before the next veggie bio box delivery, and it’s the night I check what really needs to be cooked up and used.  Often soup is the order of the day, but this Wednesday I was inspired to do something more exciting with … Continue reading

Day 75 – Saag aloo with roasted gobi curry (cauliflower)

This was so popular with the Hubbie, that it’s been served for 2 nights in a row.  Tonight I added the chicken curry to the mix, as I needed some meat to excite the kids.  Unfortunately, while my back was turned, the kids wolfed down the chicken (one measly piece left for Hubbie after a … Continue reading

Day 74 – Roasted Squash with Agave Syrup Dip

You know me, and my lunchtime healthy obsession with Chicken Quinoa salad with Mixed Greens.  Well I may have found the next big thing, in addition to all the soups I cart off to work in my thermos flask.   This is a great recipe I found last week from Cocoa and Spice, which I … Continue reading

Day 73 – A Most Unusual Gin

Most of my friends and family know of my love of Gin and Tonic, which is only equaled by a more expensive but equally passionate love of Champagne (hence the photo at the top of our blog after a certain very special party!).  So when I entered into a chat on Facebook a few weeks … Continue reading

Day 72 – The End of a Weekend in Brussels

I posted yesterday on my Facebook page that I loved Brussels, and I meant it.  A lot of my friends often see the sarcastic side of me, but this time, and generally speaking, I do love the city I live in. We had one of those weekends, which revolved around our local neighbourhood, and our … Continue reading

Day 71 – Girlie moments with my Daughter… making meatballs and spaghetti

Girlie moments with my daughter are not easy to come by.  They are reserved for moments when she is ready to let down her guard and not worry about anyone else. They are only allowed when she is not in competition, not in conflict, and when she feels she is ready to be a true … Continue reading

Day 70 – Apple Spice Cake

It’s amazing when you start trawling through recipes on the internet, that most are just adaptations of adaptations of a celebrity’s version based on an original recipe.  I found the following recipe in 5  different blogs, slightly changed, and in most cases claiming to be the best ever apple cake.  I didn’t want fame or … Continue reading