Day 82 – the Reunion

I am getting very excited now about my trip to Stockholm, a perfect mix of business shopping followed by a Girls Weekend. I am also looking forward to one of the real pleasure’s of an Expat life, which we often overlook because of the pain.  I get to meet a good group of friends, in a new location, and catch up on the gossip.  Even today I started planning a new rendezvous with great friends in New York.

The background is. that a couple of year’s ago, I lost a large tranche of friends, as they moved on to new Expat lives, or back to their home countries.  It was a huge wrench, as I felt they moved onwards and upwards, and I felt I was left behind.  I still miss them, the girls nights out, the weekend dinner parties, and most strongly, the (old) school based social life.  But I also learnt to move on.  To an equally lovely group of ‘local’ Expats, who now include a lot of real neighbours and friends not tied into the life of my kids and here for the long run.

The nice thing is, that via email and facebook, my old friendships were also able to get stronger and stronger, as I developed my new and more local.  So much to the extent that we have a reunion this weekend, of old Brussels pals, who moved to London/Stockholm and Sydney, with one who has even managed to come back!  And the great thing is, that we have all followed each others lives ever since, and I know already that the minute we walk off the plane, the conversation will flow and the click will return. (and for those in the picture who are not with us….. we will reminisce.  And for Lovisa – where were you?? I think already gone…)

In addition, I can’t fail to mention the FB reunions of friends lost over the years.  My ex-bridesmaid, my old flat mates in London, are now also tangled up in my everyday life here in Brussels, while they live many miles away and have never met me in the time I have spent in mainland Europe.  Yet those ties still bind.  And we still wistfully plan those reunions.  Somewhere based on the ‘love of gin/jacob’s creek’ and ‘the memories of’, I really believe those are going to happen sometime soon as well.

How exciting!  Makes you feel like yesterday, today and tomorrow…. are really worth living.


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