Day 81 – Dedication to the Cause

The server on WordPress was down last night, and caused a few flutters when I realised that I wouldn’t be able to blog before midnight.  Now I am left with a very quick post before work, when of course your brain freezes on what and how to write!  I guess the sheer panic shows just how dedicated I’ve become regarding my postaday.

I saw some real dedication last night too, when I took my daughter to her swim practice.  One of her coaches has started an impromptu training after the season has closed, due to the worry of some parents about the kids losing their fitness levels, and the commitment of some of the team.  I was surprised that she volunteered, and even though the session was at 7pm, after finishing school at 6pm, she really thought it was the highlight of the day.  So I joined her, and actually got into the pool and swam.  It was great to see the determination, and the skill she has developed over the last 6 months, and I found I enjoyed the session too.  Apart from being told off (by a German women) about wearing outdoor shoes in the changing room (there are so many rules in Belgian pools!), it was a lovely evening.  And I’m seriously going to go for a repeat session next Tuesday.

And may’be this year, I’ll actually manage to be fit for the ‘swimming to the buoys’ morning swims in the summer!

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