Day 80 – Around my blog in 80 days


I can’t believe I’ve managed 80 days of talking to or about myself, and the things that interest me.  In the beginning, it was a great way of charting the new year’s resolutions, the pain and the glory, and keeping track of my diet recipes.  I was quite surprised how many I managed to clock up in the first month.  Then life’s little ups and down’s crept in, and it became more of a diary, somewhere to express myself, but where I had to think first, write and reread carefully.  I’ve also dreamed a bit, and done some reporting.

It’s been fun, hard at times (to find both the time and the inspiration), but a great self taught lesson on how to write again.  Because after 13 years as an expat, I realised how much language I had lost.  I can’t promise I don’t make spelling mistakes (or hit the publish button too early at times), but I think I’ve learnt to use a few more words and expressions again over the past couple of months.  I hope I made a few people laugh, and nobody cry, and that I can manage another 80 days without running aground ……. here goes!


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