Day 78 – 4am in the morning…

I spoke too soon.  Actually it was a good job that we had an early night on Friday, as Saturday turned into a bit of a session.  We were at Doug’s for one of his fabulous curry nights, 10 sensible adults, good conversation, and great food.  We were child-free, as the kids had an unexpected sleepover, and I remember thinking around 10.30pm, I guess we’ll be back around midnight.  Then the cards came out, 8 sort of sensible adults, decided to play poker (2 had left by that stage), and before we knew it, it was 4am, and Hubbie and crashed in the spare room for a few hours, before heading back to Brussels.

I have a nice hangover, the taste of curry in my mouth, and guests arriving for lunch in 10 minutes.

Deep breaths, and Carry on, I say……  more later

Poker – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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