Day 77 – Friday night…..’Snore on the Sofa’ night

Funny isn’t it?  When we were younger, friday night was the night out.  End of the week, time to let your hair down, and sleep it off the next morning.  Nowadays I hear thursday is the new friday (and presumably the sleeping it off continues, in the office the next day!).  I also have quite a few girlie social events on a thursday night, as it seems the most convenient night to leave the Hubbie and kids to fend for themselves, and head out for a gossip and a bottle of wine.  However, these are far and few between.

Friday night, on the other hand, has turned into a ‘snoore on the sofa’ kind of night.

Everyone is exhausted in our family by the end of the week.   Currently as I sit and cook in the kitchen, 2 out of 4 of us are fast (and I mean fast) asleep on the sofa.  The other one was reading, but I just looked up and spotted he’s snuck off with his ipod again.

So here I am, preparing a meal for possibly one and a half.  Which I probably will fall asleep into, in approximately half an hour.

Thank God for Saturday nights I say, normal service has usually resumed by that point in time…… fingers crossed!

Night Night!

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