Day 72 – The End of a Weekend in Brussels

I posted yesterday on my Facebook page that I loved Brussels, and I meant it.  A lot of my friends often see the sarcastic side of me, but this time, and generally speaking, I do love the city I live in.

We had one of those weekends, which revolved around our local neighbourhood, and our local neighbourhood friends.  And the sun shone, and we discovered new shops, new restaurants and just hung out in new areas.  And it seemed like the weekend went on forever.  If only all weekends could be like that, time went extra slow, we didn’t need to rush anywhere, and we just wandered around, and stopped where and when we felt like it.  As a whole family, and without digital intervention or too many arguments.  The kids had their friends to hang out with too, and they seemed to find fun and games in even the simplest of things.  A football in the market, baseball in the park, bugs in the garden, avoiding dog poo in the street, dressing up in second hand clothes at Les Petit Riens.

So tonight, I’m finishing that wonderful weekend, with a very short blog, a few photo’s, and a sleepy tea to accompany me in the bath.  Kids are tucked up and reading books (a miracle), so I’m going to savour the moment, and enjoy an early night after all the fresh air.

Wishing you a wonderful week…… and by the way, I have bought cauliflower today on the market, so later this week should see some new recipes on the blog.



A few of our favourite places to hang out in Brussels

The Enoteca…  Via Lamanna –.  on Ave Louise, great for italian wine, cheeses and hams

Our favourite spot on a sunday, Oysters and Champagne at Flagey Market (see

followed by Pizza at Mamma Roma – Pizza Al Taglio in Brussels.



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