Day 65 – Hole up and hide away

I am constantly looking at tree houses, hideaways and eco homes, in my dream to find the Great Escape. Sometimes they are high in the sky and very eco minded (Diet Day 22 – Treetops « Life with Lizzi.), sometimes they are more utilitarian, solid and safe, but still utilising re-use, rebuild and natural elements.  Today I’ve looked close to the sea and in the city, my two favourite locations.

For both scenario’s,  it’s interesting to see how Architects are increasingly utilising a bunker aesthetic, creating buildings that look as if they could withstand a doomsday scenario or future ecological catastrophe.  The idea is similar to that of the “safehouse”, often found in science fiction and literary considerations, giving the feeling of protection and safety.  Tough, strong materials such as concrete and stone are shaped into simple block forms and left unfinished, creating a rough and ready feel.  Particularly near the coast, the landscape around the building is often exploited with architects burying projects into rocks or hillsides, or designing forms which blend into their environments almost to the point of invisibility.  It’s an alternative to my leafy heights, and may’be more stable in current circumstances.

Dezeen » Blog Archive » Trufa by Anton García-Abril.


The Pierre by Olson Kundig Architects | Architecture Lab.


In the city it’s about finding safe space to escape too, as opposed to live in.  Somewhere to hole up and hide, and wait til it’s all over…….. or may’be just to escape to finish off the latest book!

Indestructible Survival Pods – Atelier Van Lieshout Creates a Compact Bomb Shelter (GALLERY).


Egg house.


One of my other city favourites are using containers, though I have yet to find out how I will get one in my back garden.  We’ll see……

shipping_container_hero.jpg (JPEG Image, 522×380 pixels).

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