Day 64 – Saturday at the coast

Do you change your mind on a regular basis?  I’m not sure which camp I fall into, as I can be stubborn as hell on the one hand, and very accomodating on the other.  But I am often swayed by a spur of the moment decision (or to be more precise, the promise of good weather on my iphone).  So having argued with my Hubbie on thursday night that I wanted a quiet weekend chilling in Brussels, I did a complete about turn on friday morning as I drove through a glorious sunrise to Germany.  The phone call went something like…….seeing as the weather forecast looks so good, lets go to the coast, have lunch, walk on the beach, go to your parents, and return home for our daughters swim championships on the Sunday. However, I forgot one thing.  Belgium/Dutch coastal weather never quite works out at the same level as the lovely visual display on your iphone predicts.  But heh ho, it was lovely to get out, have garlicky scampi for lunch, watch the end of the Carnival, see Oma and Opa, and have the type of chinese meal that you can only get in Holland.  Refreshed and Re-invigorated (and with my book finally finished), I’m ready to face a new “Sun”day.

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