Day 62 – Have I changed that much in 20 years?

Today I was faced with some really interesting dilemmas.  Career wise, I have done psychometric tests approximately 15 years ago and also during my days as a student (which admitedly is more than 20 years ago).  And today, instead of the cold room of isolation, peace and quiet, shut away from the world, focused and undisturbed, I had to face doing on-line testing during my working day (as part of a new team, with new goals yet to be defined).  I had tried at home, but the system was neither supported by Mac or by Broadband.  So there was no choice, sit in our room and just hope for the best.  To be fair, the team fielded a lot of phone calls and questions, but the interesting part of it, was that I wasn’t quite prepared to face just how much I had changed in my reactions in that time span.  I clearly remember my strengths and weaknesses, my goals and my aims.  But faced with similar tests, post kids, post life experiences and during the general mid life crisis, it was interesting to see the dilemmas of the questions in a totally different scenario.

I reacted, wait, and in the meantime, I wonder…….

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