Day 61 – Broken Bones

Some days are just so unpredictable you don’t know where to start, or how they’ll end.

This morning, after another short and restless sleep (a combination of too much to do late last night, and my insane desire to finish the latest book my head is stuck in), I dragged myself out of bed with a sinking feeling that today was not going to be the day I expected.  175 unread emails filled my in-box at work, my desk was getting out of control with visual printouts, and I was having problems double booking meetings, and remembering with whom.

Then I had a lovely ‘chat’ message from upstairs, ‘lunch? catch up with the gossip?’  How could I resist…….

The design team bubbled with news about holidays and babies (how life has changed in the last 12 mths) but it was lovely to be reminded of that stressful, tiring but hugely joyful period of having little ones.  They were relaxed and enjoying themselves and it was great to see the smiles back on their faces.

Having sorted out my afternoon schedule, off I headed in beautiful spring (yes at last!) sunshine to visit Brussels store.  Super, an afternoon out sorting our equipment and VM, setting up a new showroom with the finishing touches.  Miles better than just looking at paper visuals and digital emails.  Even fun.

But just as I pulled up at the car park and shut the sunroof, my gsm started ringing.  Caller blocked (always a bad sign).  And of course, it was school, and of course, it was the nurse.  I heard football, thumb, I think he needs and x-ray, and can you come now.  Uh oh!

He was white and too quiet, concerned that he didn’t want to waste my time at the hospital, and I just wanted to give him a big hug.  Luckily there is a specialist Doctor linked to the school (obviously a lot of broken stuff that needs fixing in that vacinity!), so off we drove for an X-ray.  Suspected fracture of the thumb has been diagnosed, the arm has been plastered, and he returns in 10 days for the verdict, all ok, or 3 more weeks in plaster.

His first thought, his clarinet practise, mouth turns down.  Second thought, no tennis, no sport, mouth turns further down.  Third thought, cannot Go-Kart party on Sunday, Big Sulk.  But the Doctor finally managed cheer him up…….. just think of all the girls who will be trying to help you at school (….and sign the cast, quietly smiled my son!).

2 Responses to “Day 61 – Broken Bones”
  1. grandad says:

    I read your blog and you didn’t mention that it was the big brother that had broken his thumb but gathered it was by the shirt.
    Give him our love and hope that it soon gets better

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