Day 59 – I could like mondays…..

Dragged myself out of bed this morning to face the world, after the rest of the family had got up, gone swimming, and played the clarinet, all before 6.30am.  Doesn’t that just make you feel so inadequate!  Headed out into the real world and got as far as the office before the first delay of the morning struck.  Luckily I still managed to get to Euroshop (the retail trend fair in Dusseldorf) by lunchtime, and was then immediately overcome by the range of singing animals/ talking mannekins and grey suits that attend such a fair.  Quite a stark contrast to my previous job of attending fashion fairs.  But there was one very positive side……. having spent my ‘previous life’ hiding which company I worked for (for fear of being thrown of stands for plagerism and copying), it was refreshing to be with a team where our company name opened doors, because we dealt with the big boys.  And you could take photo’s everywhere…….I could get used to this!

This is such a brilliant prop, of my favourites (which would even look fab on a table top at home) …….

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