Day 48 for me – 249 days for Belgium – A World Record!

Ten things Belgium is famous for……




TinTin (Herge)

Mannekin Pis


Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jacques Brel

Justine Henin


Yes, we did it! Today Belgium hit the record books, taking the World Record for the Country without Government for the longest time period, ever.

Impressive eh?  Although in this country, it comes as no surprise.  You see Belgium has muddled along without a war for 180 odd years, coping with the opposing views of the Flemish and the Walloons.  Sitting in the middle of it all, is a muddled mess of a capital, with diametrically opposed cultures and lifestyles,  the poor migrants of Europe living alongside the wealthier expats of Nato and the EU.  So a world record of no agreement for 249 days without any form of fighting is no surprise, as the two opposing cultures find it difficult to talk to each other (language excluded), let alone fight.

So what next?  Do we actually need a Government, or should Belgium return to just installing a Head of State to sort it all out?  Most people in the street don’t really care, everything seems to tick along without too many problems.  It was a complex governmental system anyway, and most people are just plainly fed up with politics, and in particular with the Politicians.  (sounds familiar doesn’t it!)

So we sit and wait, and in a country famous for it’s bureaucracy, we’ll keep a few more people in a job for a bit longer, to hopefully sort it out………  Let’s see.


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