Day 47 – Colour my mood Yellow!

Its incredible how a colour, or atmosphere created by colour can generate your mood, or feel like it reflects it.  Today the sun was shining in Brussels, and the yellow, bright tones that it created through the city already lifted the majority of it’s inhabitants.  I had the feeling that road rage was lower, the traffic flowed smoothly (and I can assure you that when it rains here everything grinds to a halt!), people smiled, and the day started and ended bathed in light.  What a difference that makes to your mood.

Colour has always fascinated me.  From the way it can be combined, to the feelings and emotions it can evoke.  I always loved paintings from an early age based on the colour hues and tones, as opposed to what it represented.  Both my husband and I buy and appreciate art, based on colour combinations and our raw emotions.

So today I wanted to look in more depth into the colour Yellow, which is to me, the symbol of sunshine!

Yellow is a good luck color .

Colors and Their Meanings in Chinese Culture

What I find fascinating is that when you dig deeper into the preferred colours in China, which are clearly red and green, and then look at the light colour that they generate together (like the concept of combining Yin and Yang), they actually produce yellow.  Which is a key concept for the cross fertilisation of  red and green light into the colour yellow.  The key is the combination, which provides the harmony.  Yellow is also known as the balance colour between Yin and Yang, it is the centre, and the stabilisation between the seasons.

But just look at what it means in other cultures;

In Japan and America -> cowardise

In America -> energy, fun, happiness, peace, and  repelling evil

In Japan  -> courage/deceit, illness, religion, joy

In Native America -> danger, insight, love

In Hindu -> fun and god, illness, joy, personal power, repelling evil.

In Chinese -> healthiness, respect and royalty

In Asia, Holiness -> political power, repelling evil, strength

In Eastern Europe -> mourning

In Muslim countries -> strength

In African countries -> nothing specific

And in South American countries -> nothing specific too

No wonder we struggle to talk on the same wavelength, let alone communicate and feel on the same emotional level.  Because in reality, what I felt today, brought on by an injection of colour, can have a very different effect on someone living on the other side of the world……….


2 Responses to “Day 47 – Colour my mood Yellow!”
  1. sjef says:

    In which part of the colour spectrum does combining red and green generate yellow…??… red and yellow makes orange and yellow and green makes blue…. but red and green gives some undefined brownish colour… anyway whereever it comes from it also makes me feel happy and good inside.. x

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