Day 46 – Relief

I know a lot of people where I work, today, felt one very common thought.  One of relief.  We lived through 18 months and 14 days of disbelief.  A lot of grey clouds, dark clouds, storms and turmoil.  And a common feeling that why doesn’t anybody do anything about it.

Actually when you looked inwards, you often wondered why was I not the one to stick my neck out, say what had to be said, and play the honest truth. Some did, but we either paid the price or let it be washed away with the PR surrounding it all, or just felt, let’s bide our time.  But for a lot of people, it was too risky, too much too lose, and too easy to blame others.  I hope we have learnt from this. I hope somewhere along the line, we won’t let it happen again.  I hope we remember the good people that we lost as a result.

And I hope we rebuild and learn from this experience……… the good news is the forecast is sunshine in Brussels for the rest of the week, let’s hope it stays for the rest of the year!



4 Responses to “Day 46 – Relief”
  1. Sjef van Dongen says:

    Such a shame it took them so long to do something that should have been done 18 months ago…. or in fact that should never have happened…
    But it’s great to hear that it’s finally done and that an end has come to a chain of damage done by one person to what I still consider a great company…
    Shame you lost your favourite job over it but time to bring that smile back on everyones face….let the sun shine !

  2. Hyoonter says:

    Remember your dreams.
    Remember your self.
    Remember to remember.
    and…please do remember us.

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