Day 44 – Our Sunday Walks

There is one great thing about Sundays in Brussels, you cannot do anything commercial.  You cannot shop in the High Street or the Shopping Malls.  You cannot do DIY, you cannot cut your grass or go to the Garden Centre, so therefore you cannot do anything but CHILL (or do something that involves croissants and flowers!).

Sometimes it frustrates you, but sometimes it just saves the Day.  You just have to give into it.

This Sunday, we went outside, we breathed in the air, and we found our little bit of colour, and we walked. Cuddles from the kids helped too. And a hug from the Hubbie.  It all counts in trying to find the way out of the fog and back into the sunshine (metaphorically of course, after all this is Brussels).

I avoided the negativity on the walk this morning (the dirt, graffitti, cigarette butts and the dog shit etc) and focused on the more positive (the colours, the moods, and the space).

And if you look at what Brussels offered on our walks of the last two weekends, may’be it’s not so bad after all;

Ixelles Lakes and Flagey Market


Of course, good friends always help finish off those lazy hazy Sundays, thanks to Helene and Emile last weekend, and Jules and Pieter for this one.

We’re now ready for Monday to roll on by………………………………

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