Day 43 – Life feels too grey today…..

It’s nearly mid February, and I feel that familiar grey cloud fogging my brain.  I can’t shake the feeling of grey skies, grey thoughts and grey moods.  Sometimes the bleak skies of Brussels just adds to that feeling of helplessness.  I know we are close to our holidays, but even dragging myself through one more week, seems a step too far.  Today is a case in point.  I feel ungrounded, listless, and in need of an injection of something.  Something colourful and exciting.  Something daring, different and vibrant.  But I’m stuck how to achieve this with kids who just want to hang out at home, and a Hubbie who has the usual 48 hrs of work left this weekend, to cram into 24.

Even the background noise is beginning to bug me.  As I sit here typing, all I focus on is the whirr of the fridge/freezer.  As I walk around the house, the buzz of the computers annoy me.  The sound of a tv from a distant room, and even the street noise outside, mean I feel sensory overload.  Kids arguing and fighting over ice cream doesn’t help. (no idea why, there is a whole tub of the darned stuff in the freezer.)

I feel the pull of my bed.  Somewhere I like to hang out and hole up in.  But it’s a Saturday night, and that seems such a waste.  In the end I settle for a dvd with the kids, something light hearted and amusing, and head for bed to dream in colour, and to search for something more refreshing tomorrow.  After all it’s another day…………

colour courtesy of;

Pantone Cool Grey 11 :: Pantone colors I use too often :: Design :: News & Business :: MakeFive.

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