Diet Day 21 – the Soup Swap!

One great thing about the diet is how I have had to focus on finding fun, tasty and exciting soups to regularly replace my lunchtime ritual of Quinoa and Chicken.  I have found some great recipes, Spicy Parsnip and Pear, Carrot and Coriander, and Hot and Sour Chicken to name but a few of the … Continue reading

Diet Day 20 – Inspired by t-shirts

  Today is a T-shirt day, in recognition of my family’s love of t-shirts.  We live in them, laugh in them, and probably will die in them (hopefully at a very very very old age and with some suitable slogan on it). You see, we’re rather a hot (in the warm sense of course) type … Continue reading

Diet Day 19 – Herbal Tea

When you are on a detox and have given up the caffeine fueled coffee, the addictive alcohol, and all those fizzy drinks, it’s quite a challenge to stay on the straight and narrow.  Of course you need to drink a lot of water, but after a while you feel like you’re drowning in it.  You … Continue reading

Diet Day 18 – Sometimes it’s fun to Dream….

Do you ever have days when you wish that you had been born a Princess? With tiara’s and crown’s and a Handsome Prince to rescue you? I felt like that today, I felt like I was organising everyone else, but missing out on me. I wanted to be rescued from the humdrum routine of reorganising … Continue reading

Diet Day 17 – Life is a Journey, but sometimes the journey is boring…

Today is the first day I’ve sat in front of my computer and didn’t know what to say.  It’s one of those days where nothing really happened, if you exclude the very early start for my daughters’ swim team and a drive to Dusseldorf.  The latter was so boring, I was nodding off during the … Continue reading

Diet Day 16 – Dinners at the Weekend

Last night’s dinner was just perfect.  I have never visited a restaurant that could cater so perfectly for those on a diet.  I even ordered and thoroughly enjoyed a ‘Tonifiant’ juice -> carrot apple lemon and ginger (just yummy).  The menu was punctuated with lots of fish, scallops, lobster and vegetarian offerings including my favourite … Continue reading

Diet Day 15 – the mid-month, mid life crisis SWOT

Well so far so good.  Only 2 alcoholic drinks, but no coffee/sweets/chocolate/cakes/pasta/pastry/bread/red meat etc, and a super clean life!  I have to look back and wonder why it took me so long to do it.  Oh yes, something to do with ‘I love my food’  ‘How can I possibly not have a glass of wine … Continue reading

Diet Day 14 – Smile! Tonight it’s Panfried fish with fresh beetroot salsa

Today the traffic in Brussels was appalling.  Our trip to school took forever and on top of this, I had 2 extra kids in the car.  However there is always a silver lining to every cloudburst, and mine was in the shape of a game the kids decided to play.  ‘Bonjour’ involved waving and shouting … Continue reading

Diet Day 13 – Just EAT!

Why does it feel like the world revolves around food when you’re on a diet? I was in meetings most of the day and everyone seemed to be hungry, all they wanted to do was eat.  I reckon it was that grey continual drizzle type of day that set every one off.  Luckily I had … Continue reading

Diet Day 12 – We Love Daily Discount!

Sales are pretty much in most peoples minds at the moment.  It’s that time of year when all you want is a bargain, it’s too dark and cold to get excited about summer, and there’s no way you’re going to pay full price for something that has a lifespan of three months max.  My son … Continue reading