Diet Day 31 – It feels like Spring!

Yesterday, I was amazed to look out of the kitchen window and see a bright blue sky at 5pm at night.  After the snow days and grey days of the last 2 months (and the doom and gloom of the last week), it is a wonderful feeling to think Spring may be just around the corner.  Having gone out into the garden yesterday afternoon, to survey the damage and the general rot, it is pleasing to think that sometime soon we can get out the shovel and start reorganising it.  Especially as I feel very guilty about the winter pansies that still sit on my terrace waiting to be planted.  (I seriously tried again yesterday but at -1deg you can’t get anything in or out of the soil at the moment!).  Yesterday evening, I drifted through Etsy and was rather excited to see some spring bulbs and beautiful planters being featured already.  Enjoy and Dream,  Spring will be here sometime soon!



The bulbs I am dreaming about;

PSack Porcelain Vase Design by Wapa Studio by wapa o

PAPERWHITE BULB KIT Dish Garden Gift Set 3 by violetsandgrace.

grow a little love bulb kit in upcycled bottle by bottlecrop.


This is also a great blog from an old friend of ours who is back in her native Ireland, designing gardens;


Recycled.  by Tamsin Lundy


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