Diet Day 29 – A day with my daughter, shopping?

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The boys have gone to The Hague.  My son is taking part in a Band Festival, and was very excited at 5am this morning.  Yes 5am.  The bus was leaving at 5.45, so the Boys were up very very early. making lots of excited noise.  My daughter and I went back to sleep.  Well actually she went back to sniffling with her very bad cold, designed to keep me awake.  It is now 10am, and I have dragged myself from my bed, with asked the usual question, ‘what shall we do today?’.   Silence.  ‘Don’t know yet Mum, I’ll think about it’  and off she goes to investigate the Guinness Book of World records.  ?.  It’ll be one of those days which drift by, while my daughter decides what she really wants to do. I tried suggesting shopping, a museum, and lunch.  Silence.  So in the meantime, I’ll catch up on my blog, and tidy up my desk.  And try to do a million and one jobs that are waiting for me around the house.  Then I bet at 5pm, she’ll announce…….’ Can we…….?’ and it’ll be shut.  Ho Humm, that’s Saturdays for you!  And in the meantime, may’be we could be in the Guinness World record book for the daughter who takes the longest time to make up her mind!!


I live in hope………….


A great Valentines card from Etsy, just to remind me that love is more important than shopping!!;

I Love You More Than Shopping Valentines Day Card by tweedletwill.


2 Responses to “Diet Day 29 – A day with my daughter, shopping?”
  1. Henny says:

    Grandma let something slip about the band festival. I am full of anticipation, would like to know how it has been!
    And this ‘not making up your mind’ is familiar to me. We have to plan ahead in order to get things done. Otherwise it is just a day around the house, afterwards feeling sorry about the things we didn’t do.

    • No jobs done at home today, as by lunchtime the promise of clothes and toy shopping won out. Lovely afternoon in Antwerp, lunch at Horta, and a waffle on the way home. Perfect day.

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