(No Diet) Day 27 – Do you go with the flow, or swim against it?

This week was such a weird week.  My job changed again (with no notice).  My kids were sick.  My husband crashed the car.  A good friend of mine was sacked.  And there was this huge feeling of ‘lets end the week and move onto the next’.  Luckily for me tonight, I am off work tomorrow, so the weekend starts right here, right now.  Luckily for me too, there were things to focus on tonight, like my great friend and inspiration Jules and her RE-circle project.  She pushes through all the commercial crap that you and I deal with and gets on with her creative thoughts and wishes.  She doesn’t worry about how to do it, she cares about why to do it.  And her project is fab.

Recycle and re-use industrial waste products to give kids the chance to create and re-use, time and time again.

The project is based on the Reggio Emilia approach to education through art, and the Remida philosophy of re-using industrial products, used in a small city in Italy.  Industry recycles the products it doesn’t use/need to a creative centre which enables schools and organisations to buy into an outlet which provides them with all they need to project work creative issues with kids.  Linked to Jules and Pieters’ concept of Turtlewings (an atelier for kids and adults to work and play creatively), it brings the green credentials to industrial waste re-used as creative play.  It was such an inspirational evening, bringing creative/educational and business minds together to brainstorm on how to make this happen.  And it makes me stop and think.  Forget the day to day crap we deal with in our normal working lives, let’s get out there and do some good for our community too.  I signed up.  And for the first time this week, felt that I did something positive, as opposed to just deal with all the negativity that surrounds us.

By the way, I opted of my detox today, I had pizza (from Mama Roma in Brussels), and wine for dinner, and fish and chips for lunch.  Sometimes things just get in the way and you have to give in.  I’m glad I did today, as being down and depressed without the tools to cope with it, is just too much.  Better to give in, add a couple of days to the detox diet, sort out the crap, and return to the feeling of Zen in a more positive mind.  And funny thing is, tomorrow is another bright new day, isn’t it? I feel it already!

Click on the Images from Turtlewings/RE-Circle and Remida to visit the sites for more information;








5 Responses to “(No Diet) Day 27 – Do you go with the flow, or swim against it?”
  1. turtlewings says:

    Wow, this sounds amazing! Did you write it when you got home, crazy lady! Thanks so much to Sjef and you for being here your support and friendship means the world to me and as I said last night if not for that great group of people sitting around me I would not have the strength to continue most days!

    • I’m definitely a crazy lady, and it was a 2.30am morning for me, but worth it, as I had such a great subject to write about!!. Thanks for such an inspiring evening, and for keeping me going too. You always make me feel like there is so much more to life out there. Enjoy the sunshine today! Lizzix

    • yes, it was just a daydreaming moment where he drove into the moving bollards at school. Nice big crack in the front spoiler of the car!! and a very embarrassed husband!

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