Diet Day 25 – A Blog from my Bed

Today I have retreated to my bed with a Migraine.  It could be classified as bad, but they are all bad.  So it is just a common-0r-garden, I got too tired, too emotional and too stressed out, Migraine.  The Big Pill (my saviour on days like this) is working, but I feel groggy, so I’m keeping today’s blog short and focused.  On my bed!


What do you like to take to bed with you?

(on a day when only the warm duvet can calm and relax you!)


I’ve listed my favourite bedside must-haves…..
  • books and magazines to flick through.  At the moment I have ‘How to have a Beautiful mind’ by Edward de Bono, and ‘Information is Beautiful‘ by David McCandless.  Great for dipping in and out of between sleeping.  I also always have the latest copy of Elle Decoration (UK) and Cote Ouest (Fr).
  • A herbal tea in my favourite mug, usually half drunk, as I fall asleep before finishing.  Today I’m on Camomile and Fennel.
  • A large bottle of mineral water.  Essential.
  • A scented candle.  At the moment ‘feuille de the’ by Flamant.
  • Something left by the kids.  Often a drawing or a book or a sillyband.  Soft memories.
  • A pillow mist with essential oils.  Perfect for aiding sleep.  At the moment it’s a `Dille & Camille’ mint and eucalyptus blend.
  • Some spare bookmarks, picked up at stores (Urban Outfitters and Waterstones are good for these), or designed by the kids
  • A Moleskine notebook, for all my crazy ideas, and a pencil.


I would have taken a photo, but it’s better left to your imagination, as it’s a little untidy and I’m ready to doze again.

Happy Dreaming!


Inspiration for bedtime companions at Etsy;



Wire Bound Letterpress Journal Woodland Notes by PressaRussa.

Bookmark clips Funky Monkeys by buttonbloom on Etsy.



2 Responses to “Diet Day 25 – A Blog from my Bed”
  1. Henny says:

    I hope you are feeling better now?

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