Diet Day 23 – Organising the Soup Swop

I am really excited.  Finally we’ve got a date, some friends rounded up, and we’re getting ready to Soup Swop!!

So far it’s been really easy to do, and the enthusiasm from others is really motivating.  Over the next 2 weeks all my friends need to do, is work out which soup they;

  • love the best
  • can tell a little story about
  • can freeze

and get creating!

And all I need to do is, as above, plan the drinks and nibbles, organise the prizes, and co-ordinate the invites. (alongside work, family and blog writing of course!)


So how did it all start?

Soup Swap is the brainchild of Knox Gardner, a Seattle technology consultant who got tired of eating only his own soup creations, and decided to invite some friends to trade soups. From there, it became an annual event, and now swaps happen all around the US, all year long.


So what is Soup Swop all about?

This is how the official Soup Swop site in the US describes a swop…..



I’ve created a few guidelines to get our Brussels Soup Swop up and running (with help from the sites below, who have tried and tested various events)


So this is what we plan to do………

* Invite soup lovers to a party.

* Ask each person to bring four litres of frozen (or freezeable) soup, packed in four one-litre containers, along with four copies of the recipe.

* Place all the soup containers on a table or kitchen counter.

* Serve some wine, and some nibbles.

* Ask each person to describe his/her soup.

* Draw numbers to determine the order of soup selection.

* Then, one at a time, have each guest choose one litre of soup.

* When you’ve gone through one round, draw numbers again (so nobody gets last choice each time); keep going for three more rounds, until all the soups are selected.

* Send each person home with four delicious litres of soup and the recipes, with a prize for the first drawn soup and a booby prize for the last!


Which leaves me with just one dilemma,  which soup and when to start………….



Some really good sites for Soup Swopping;

Soup Swap: Have You Tried It? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn.

Tea & Cookies: Soup Swap.

Start the new year with a Soup Swap – Soup Chick.

5th National Soup Swap: Jan 22, 2011 | Soup Swap.


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