Diet Day 20 – Inspired by t-shirts


Today is a T-shirt day, in recognition of my family’s love of t-shirts.  We live in them, laugh in them, and probably will die in them (hopefully at a very very very old age and with some suitable slogan on it).

You see, we’re rather a hot (in the warm sense of course) type of family.  My Hubbie was well known at the kids kindergarden school for turning up mid-winter, with snow on the ground, in his SHORT SLEEVED Abercrombie t-shirts, in a time when A&F wasn’t known or worn in Europe.  Our kids have followed in his footsteps, and trail off to school in the morning even now, with a t-shirt and hoody sweat cardigan if you’re lucky.  It is useful in the sense that they don’t lose much (as they are not wearing it in the first place), and tend to avoid all the coughs and colds as they are so weather-beaten and hardy, it bounces off them.  Occasionally a shirt will sneak into the mix, but only worn with a t-shirt underneath and open.  Never ever ever, with a piece of knitwear.  They’d all roast, and anyway ‘it’s too itchy’.  So combined with jeans they, and me too in all honesty, spend our lives in t-shirts.

Today however, is in fact, a very special t-shirt day.  Thila has just received 2 t-shirts which were designed with a photoprint of her on the front, and she loves them! 

She declared that her class should have a ‘wear Thila day’ (not so sure how the rest of the class would feel about that…) and that they were for special occasions.  Her brother even asked if they came in his size.  Some poor unsuspecting kids in Europe are next month going to be running around with Thila on their t’s,  as they are coming into C&A on the toddler department.  What a lovely present from my old Design team, and thanks Isis for organising.  Wonder if anything quite as exciting can ever happen in the Marketing department, let’s see……….

Some great idea’s for recycling your t-shirts from Etsy;

TShirt Memory Quilt Get Organized Recycle those t by memmeries.

and I love the suggestions for recycling old t-shirts on Greenwala too;
15+ T-shirt Recycling DIY Ideas.



5 Responses to “Diet Day 20 – Inspired by t-shirts”
  1. Henny says:

    I wonder whether cousin Jared would like to wear a Thila t-shirt…, however her aunt loves the t-shirts.
    Oh, and I love the t-shirt recycling ideas. Might use them on tomorrow!


  2. Henny says:

    No, I stumbled on this while I was in search of a crafts thing to do. I liked it so much, that I ‘clicked’ on it. Thought you might like it too. Right now I have several projects going: some crotchet and a book binding.


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