Diet Day 18 – Sometimes it’s fun to Dream….

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you ever have days when you wish that you had been born a Princess?
With tiara’s and crown’s and a Handsome Prince to rescue you? I
felt like that today, I felt like I was organising everyone else,
but missing out on me. I wanted to be rescued from the
humdrum routine of reorganising everyone else’s meetings, and have
a very special one organised just for me. With a crown and a
party dress, jugglers and clowns, and an elaborate banquet. I
am not a girly girl, and don’t even remember as a child wishing to
find my Prince Charming (which I have by the way!). But today
I wanted to dress up, be the centre of attention, and simply escape
life at that moment. I settled for a night out with good friends
from the past. The infant school days of our kids, parents we
have known for a few years now. And as we shared our stories,
caught up on the pre-teen crisis and reminisced, I realised what it
was all about. Letting go, relishing the moments now, fondly
remembering the details of the past, but finding that viewpoint for
the future. And finding the new dreams, relevant for life now
as opposed to then. Little girls do grow up, but they should
never stop dreaming. I’m off to bed to practise what I

Feather Coop Crown by TaurbabeDesigns on Etsy

dream pendant by Hand
Stamped Sterling Dream Pendant with by ChipmunkHollow on


One Response to “Diet Day 18 – Sometimes it’s fun to Dream….”
  1. Sjef says:

    You’re my princess, sweet dreams xx

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