Diet Day 17 – Life is a Journey, but sometimes the journey is boring…

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Today is the first day I’ve sat in front of my computer and didn’t know what to say.  It’s one of those days where nothing really happened, if you exclude the very early start for my daughters’ swim team and a drive to Dusseldorf.  The latter was so boring, I was nodding off during the drive, the meeting and the drive back.  I kept trying to think of things to keep me awake.  It wasn’t working.  I am so used to those trips loaded up with menthos, diet coke, coffees, a pit stop for a bacon sandwich on the way, and a Solero ice cream on the way back, that I was well and truly lost.  The bleak road with only my Quinoa lunch to keep me company, was no substitute.  I kept thinking about what I should have brought.  Nuts, apricots, a healthy drink, herbal tea bags (help, what was I going to drink during the meeting). My Ipod was also missing from the car, and the audio connection so that I could listen to internet radio.  I realised around Leuven that I almost need a survival kit to leave the country (well at least one to survive leaving the comfort of my home and my office).  Lesson learnt.  The only godsend was that the Dusseldorf office had herbal tea bags, and little packets of squeezed lemon juice …….. wow!  So during the meeting itself I had plenty of cups of camomile and peppermint tea. In fact so much that I had to stop 3 times on the way home.  I am back again on Saturday, but this time I’ll be better prepared.  In fact I am planning to keep a Lizzi survival bag in the back of my car, consisting of;


  • a litre bottle of water
  • tea bags for those destinations that don’t cater for the herbal tea lovers (yes I count myself in that category now)
  • tub of mixed nuts
  • bag of dried apricots
  • Ipod and earphones (well hidden from the kids as they pinch the headphones)
  • a good book (for when you’re stuck in a meeting/traffic jam/as a passenger)
  • my audio connection (today I had to strain to listen to the gps out of my phone)
  • comfy shoes (I always choose the unsuitable ones when I have a long drive and don’t realise until I’m sat in the car)
  • tissues (for colds/mucky hands)
  • and the neon official breakdown vest (a must in Belgium which I still haven’t got around to getting)


A bonus would be a flask of tea, a selection of CDs (for when I forget the Ipod), and a hat and scarf for when it snows.

And these are an absolute must for my survival bag, cool eh?  from Etsy;

2 Custom Leather Luggage Tags LIFE IS A JOURNEY by OfTheFountain.



One Response to “Diet Day 17 – Life is a Journey, but sometimes the journey is boring…”
  1. Henny says:

    Oh, I remember this! Long trips and nothing to eat. I remember driving home from oma and opa when it was cold outside with the window open. All the way.

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