Diet Day 16 – Dinners at the Weekend

Last night’s dinner was just perfect.  I have never visited a restaurant that could cater so perfectly for those on a diet.  I even ordered and thoroughly enjoyed a ‘Tonifiant’ juice -> carrot apple lemon and ginger (just yummy).  The menu was punctuated with lots of fish, scallops, lobster and vegetarian offerings including my favourite goats cheese salad, and I even spotted a Quinoa with squash and winter vegetables as a main.  We made sure we stuck to mineral water, and with our Resto Pass discount at 30%, managed an evening under 70 euro’s, and a good catch up.  Made just heavenly by arriving home as our Babysitter finished all the ironing.  Bliss!

Restaurant Le Mess – Bruxelles ( Etterbeek ).

Dinner tonight was, in contrast, a relatively quick affair.  I had popped out to the market this morning and bought some fresh cod and tuna, along with some vegetables.  However I felt all cooked out, as I had prepared 3 meals for the kids for the week ahead and still needed to do a soup and my favourite chicken quinoa for my lunches.  So I scrolled through the BBC website and found a dish with tuna that takes 5 mins, and no cooking.  The Ceviche Tuna was superb, and along with another green salad, made a perfect quick and easy meal for a sunday night.


Creviche Tuna




Preparation method

  1. Mix together all of the ingredients and set aside for 5 minutes.
  2. Place the tuna on cocktail sticks and serve drizzled with the remaining dressing.

via BBC – Food – Recipes : Ceviche tuna.


I added a green salad as prepared in Diet Day 14 – Smile! Tonight it’s Panfried fish with fresh beetroot salsa « Life with Lizzi. and bingo, an incredibly easy meal.  Freeing me up to do all the things I didn’t get done today as we were doing the Family day at the Bozar (great fun by the way, but probably more suited to 3 to 8 yr olds, so mine moaned on the way home!).


Etsy today has a great collection of prep bowls for the kitchen;



Made to OrderNesting Set of 3 Thick Rimmed by clearmountaincraft.

Vintage Blue and White Floral Pyrex Colonial Mist by jenscloset.

Pair of vintage Pyrex mixing bowls in a by yeoldevintageshoppe.



2 Responses to “Diet Day 16 – Dinners at the Weekend”
  1. grandad says:

    You ate veggies for 70 euros
    we had chic & chips for 28 £
    Ha Ha. Speak to you tonight.Monday

    • But I had lobster and scallops to start before my goats cheese salad. Both Yummy, and much
      more healthy than the chicken and chips!! (though I still crave a good meadery meal…..) X

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