Diet Day 15 – the mid-month, mid life crisis SWOT

Well so far so good.  Only 2 alcoholic drinks, but no coffee/sweets/chocolate/cakes/pasta/pastry/bread/red meat etc, and a super clean life!  I have to look back and wonder why it took me so long to do it.  Oh yes, something to do with ‘I love my food’  ‘How can I possibly not have a glass of wine after work’ and ‘I’ll just wait til there are no social events on the calendar’.  Which just doesn’t work, as we all know, tomorrow never comes.  I think the plunge of the New Year, that bridge of seeing the past and foreseeing the future, gives you the needed kick up the ass to get going.  That and the impending doom of yet another birthday where I am nowhere near the size, weight or looks of my 30’s (though I never lost the attitude, which is probably one of my weaker points!).  The support of Hubbie too, is a great incentive.  Well it was until he proudly announced he’d lost 5.5 kgs, and I’d only managed 2.5.  I felt a sulk coming on again, until I remembered I’m supposed to be super positive and smiley.

So I thought I’d do a mid month analysis of my diet, a sort of SWOT analysis, here goes;


  • I’ve stuck with it (99%)!
  • I feel much better, more lively and healthier
  • I’ve slept properly and deeply
  • I haven’t smoked (and I only felt the urge once!)
  • I gave in for a glass of champagne and a caipirinha
  • I’ve been a little ratty sometimes in the evening (on one occasion, more than ‘a little’)
  • I can’t leave the pot of nuts alone
  • I’m addicted to detox tea after dinner
  • To do more exercise
  • To create more suitable recipes
  • To not be afraid to go out socially and say ‘no thanks’ to self imposed banned food and drink
  • The end of the month -> no binges allowed!
  • Cravings for crisps (I have a salty palette), and yes I admit it, with a G&T
  • My addiction to blogging (sort of weakness as it keeps me away from the fridge in the evening)


So I’m going to take on one of the opportunities tonight, a romantic meal with Hubbie.  No alcohol, no banned substances (the self type, not the government type!) and in a real restaurant.

Let’s see, I’ll keep you posted!


Thanks for the artwork to my friend Anna, who also sells on Etsy, and blogs on the link below.  And if you’re in Belgium, do join her Finissage (end of) exhibition next Friday 21st January at Turtlewings.  You’re welcome to have a drink and nibbles, I’ll be restraining!

Modern Women ‘The Diet’ Print by AnnaDenise on Etsy.

Anna’s blog is The Yellow Umbrella.

and her Finnissage next Friday is at Turtlewings Atelier «.


6 Responses to “Diet Day 15 – the mid-month, mid life crisis SWOT”
  1. grandad says:

    I’m glad you’re stickiimg to the diet etc. The best of luck.
    If you carry on you may slip thro’ the lifebelts
    All thebest

  2. Henny says:

    2,5 kg is great! If you loose them too easy, you will gain them as easy in the future. Keep up your spirit.

  3. Lizanne says:

    Liz, you’re a true inspiration. Petje af!

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