Diet Day 12 – We Love Daily Discount!

Sales are pretty much in most peoples minds at the moment.  It’s that time of year when all you want is a bargain, it’s too dark and cold to get excited about summer, and there’s no way you’re going to pay full price for something that has a lifespan of three months max.  My son is doing fractions at school at the moment, and asked if we had a newspaper with a sales advert in it.  “1/2 price sale is an example of how we use fractions in life” was his reasoning.   In my life at the moment all I seem to see is discount and hard sell too, in the form of Groupon.


I mean, it is everywhere.  From marketing trend reports, to my Facebook page, from every internet site I visit, to the inbox at work.  There it is, offering you the things you don’t really need at a huge discount.  Even at lunch today in the office, it was a topic of conversation, started by my favorite discount-shopping queen, raving about her pizza for 14 euro (30 original price) and her list of fab deals from hot stone therapy to passport photographs.  I have to admit I had already joined in France, and earlier this week in Belgium, and her disappointment was clear in the loss of a 6 euro sign up payment that is made to you when a friend joins and buys their first coupon.


Why are we still so motivated to spend money to save? Why do we all love the adrenalin kick of a great bargain? Will we ever be able to turn it around and distance ourselves from that feel good factor of shopping and spending.  I’m not so sure.  As although we may be more self-critical, puritan and spendthrift nowadays, we never ever want to overpay for anything.


Everyone I know is pro the internet for information, but not always interested in internet shopping.  I say I love shopping on it, but actually when I analyse it, I love browsing on it (having banished my credit card to the deep and dark recesses of my handbag for the foreseeable future).   But clicking and buying doesn’t happen that often, I am more likely to covet something and click it into my shopping favourites bookmark.  The proof is in the number of times I actually purchase (which  is about twice a month in reality, excluding Christmas of course!). So actually we still make most of our purchases in the shops, and once we’re in, the conversion rate is much higher than when we are on a site on the internet.  Retailers actually just have to get us off our bums, switch off the computer and get into the high street/shopping mall.  And that’s where Groupon is so clever.  It sells you the coupon but you still have to go to the hairdresser/beauty salon/restaurant etc to use it.  And once there, shop owners have you through the doors, browsing, using, experiencing, buying, and hopefully coming back.  It’s a tool that has combined the internet with the retail space, which with the continuing growth explosion of smart phones used to surf the net, will only get stronger and stronger.  I can’t wait to see Shopkick, (in Europe) the app that rewards you points and discounts when you walk into a shop, and the new applications forecast that will allow you to compare prices and look up which shop stocks the right product in the right size that you want.  That combined with the possibility of your mobile replacing your credit card to pay, means that shopping is not going to go out of fashion anytime soon.


So in the meantime, I’m quite happy to wait for all the new gadgets, keep my credit card locked up, and carry on detoxing without a trip to the shops (but I never said I’d stop dreaming on the internet did I!)


more shopping from Etsy, I just love bags, and you need a lot to shop;


The Fabulous Shopper in REBECCA / Black Brown Camel by ABShoppe.

SaleNewSale BagMessenger BagThis With Wool Based Light by marbled.



1960’S Retro White Telephone Handbag UNIQUE by Frankiesteinz.

Vintage Authentic Christian Dior Handbag and by Frankiesteinz.



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