Diet Day 10 – “Have a nice day!” Enjoy a Purple Pep…

The books are so right about needing at least 8 hours sleep when you’re on a detox.  Last night, curled up on the sofa with my laptop, teaching myself new tricks on WordPress for my blog, I realised that Hubbie was off to bed before me.  Unheard of.  Must have been the lack of internet and email that has forced him to take an early night.  Or may’be he had read the book and calculated that he needed to get in there quick to clock up his 8 hours.  Anyway, I was so absorbed in how to create featured links and add buttons to my page (the latter is not quite sussed yet I have to say), that before I knew it, the clock said 1am……  How easy it is for those bad habits to creep back in again, although this time with a detox tea in hand instead of a glass of wine.

However, two things got me going this morning.  First was the morning routine; lemon squeezed in hot water, dry brushing, cold shower, followed by a freshly squeezed juice in the car (having got dressed and ready for work first of course!).  The second was the drive itself.  This morning was one of those rare Belgium mornings when the sun came up burning red, shot across a vivid blue sky.  It made you want to get up and do things, breathe in the air, and start the week afresh.  And what topped it for me, was that reassurance of the warm greeting as I dropped the kids at school.  I never thought I’d admit this, but it’s lovely to hear “Have a nice day!”, as the kids pile out the back at the drop off point.  No don’t be silly, it’s not from my little monkeys, it’s from the school team who stand there rain or shine, in snow and sleet, consisting of both older students and teachers (with even the School Director doing his turn).  And you know what, it makes me smile and always reply “you too!”.  And today I did have a nice day, and I hope they did too.

Liquid Therapy -> My Purple Pep

  • 3 carrots
  • 4 cooked beetroots
  • 2 celery sticks
  • 1 cm cube of fresh ginger

  • scrub and trim the carrots, cut into 3 chunks
  • cut the beetroot into chunks
  • using a juice extractor, juice all the vegetables
  • pour over some crushed ice in 2 glasses, or tip into your travel mug, to enjoy on your way to work.

adapted from a great juicing book, in my cupboard for years…. Smoothies: Blended Drinks and Health Juices (9780754808190): Susannah Blake: Books.

and of course you need to ….

“Have a nice day!” from Etsy too.

LARGE illustration print 1170 x 1650 A3 Have a nice by edubarba.   

New Year’s Happyface Greeting Card by 88avenue on Etsy.

One Response to “Diet Day 10 – “Have a nice day!” Enjoy a Purple Pep…”
  1. Sjef says:

    Internet back on, plenty of preparations still to be done for this and next weeks meetings… and not a good idea to leave those to the very last minute. So here I am, whilst dearest has snug off to bed this time, clocking up some computer time that I slept away last night. Today was a great day, despite the fact that I didn’t quite get at the bank what I was looking for.. It was a great day because it started all quiet and peaceful without the usual major row on a Monday morning trying to get our daughter to her swimming training by 07.00am.. She was all lovely this morning don’t know what got into her…is she getting side effects from the detoxing as well?? ..carry on carry on, keep smiling

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