Diet day 7 – the Brazilian BBQ

Tonight we were invited to Carlas and Bart’s Brazilian BBQ,  a temptation normally way beyond that of mere mortals.  We sat in the car on the way there, confident of our ability to avoid alcohol/cigarettes and the wrong foods, feeling relatively smug in our detox haze.  We didn’t even need to have that ‘are you driving or am I?’ discussion.  How wrong can you be?

In through the door and Bart planted the first ‘you have to try this, it’s Brazilian champagne!’ line.  Well as a connoisseur of bubbles, how can you resist?  So one glass.  Then it was, ‘ a homemade caiparinha’, ‘and a ‘cachaca cocktail with passion fruit’  that I just had to try (as after Champagne, Caiparinha’s are up there on the pedestal alongside Bombay Sapphire gin and Schweppes tonic with lime, in my book).  We took a breather in the garden.  (I STOOD NEXT TO THE SMOKERS AND CALMLY BREATHED FRESH AIR IN AND OUT, CONTINUALLY!).  Then we watched a truely spectacular attempt to relight the BBQ with a hairdryer -> impressive and effective.  After a quick demonstration by Carlas on how easy it is to clean her epoxy floor (yes we go to those sort of parties now!), it was onto the food.  Spicy Brazilian sausages, rice, salads (I ate a lot of the salads to counter the effects of the alcohol), beans and steak (which was so good I’m still drooling as I type!).  Yum!

Luckily we escaped before the dessert phase (I saw the fridge full Carlas!)  with snoozing kids and rather too full tummy’s……  A great evening.  Made wonderful by the fact that we met old friends and new, and in the true expat Belgian tradition, even some who we can claim to sort of know through other friends!  It’s such a small world.

But my question for this evening, is can I redeem myself?  On balance, I strayed on the alcohol, stayed equal on the food, and got bonus points for not smoking….

And after all, Christ is The Redeemer…….especially to the Brazilians!

painting available on etsy ………

Christ the Redeemer Corcovado Rio de Janeiro Huge by Artephemere.

2 Responses to “Diet day 7 – the Brazilian BBQ”
  1. grandad says:

    I’ve read all your blogs since lasr weekend and see you are sticking to the N.Y.resolutions except for the drink on Friday. Keep up the good work.
    I don’t know how you have time to write all this stuff.
    All the best speak to you Sunday

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