Diet Day 6 – Putting your Heart and Soul into it!

“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

Today was a great day, it was my de-clutter day in the office (such a massive job that it will have to continue tomorrow).  But there is something rather liberating about having a BIG chuck out, selecting what you really need to go forward with this year, and ditching the rest in the recycle bin.  I filled a whole one (not bad for someone who’s been in this job for only 5 months). It also freed me from the ‘ glued to the email’ syndrome, and the ‘ I’ll just google some more interesting marketing reports’ habit (along with ‘ I’ll just read up on Drapers/WGSN/Itfits daily trend reports’ moments).

Another BIG advantage is it gets you off your bum and flexing your body (to pick up all the reports left lying on the floor/bottom shelf of the cupboard/back of the drawer) and therefore saves you a fortune on gym memberships.  And when you get a bit bored with the ‘ do I need this or not?’ question, you can float of to the coffee machine being super popular with your colleagues as you get them yet another hot chocolate/water/coffee, and gives you the perfect excuse to give away yet another of the M&S mini bites.  One tub has already bitten the bin.

But what really finished the day off for me today, was my after work treat to my Reflexologist, Fanny.  After an hour of massaging my solar plexus and my brain, with some soothing strokes on my intestine, bladder and liver, I feel like a new woman.  She also dabbed some Jasmin essential oil on my wrist, so I can sniff myself to sleep tonight.  What bliss, reckon I’ll sign off now and head to the land of nod.  Sweet dreams!


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    Lucky so and so! X

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