Diet Day 3

Day 3.  France.  Raining.  So time to go home.  Janine has recovered enough from the oyster poisoning to do lunch today.  La Hune is open after the Christmas break, so it’s time to head down to the marina for a steak before leaving (and a glass or two or red wine).  First off, it’s the usual 3 hours of goodbye cleaning and packing.  It’s never less, it’s often more.  But Hubbie is an old hand at packing up the Christmas tree, and I’m on cleaning toilet duty again.  So by 1pm we’re done, wave bye bye to the cat, and off for our final French meal.  Steak was fab, wine was delicious, trouble was I then started to get second thoughts…. Why leave now? Why not stay for a few more….. Luckily the rain and Janine brought me back to my senses.  She started to feel dodgy again, and I realised a snooze back to Brussels in the front seat wasn’t such a bad idea after all.  I can dream about all my good intentions!

Ps. I gave up chocolate today,

luckily these have no calorie count ……..

Handmade lampwork sweet CHOCOLATE SET OF 4 sculpted by NAOMISH.  on Etsy

One Response to “Diet Day 3”
  1. Janine says:

    How’s day 4 going? My way of giving up food & drink via bad oyster (or “toxic snot” as George called it) is most effective but not recommended. Tried to have a glass on the ferry last night and gave up! May aswell join the detox lot now! Roll on February!

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