Diet Day 2 – Keep Calm and Walk On

Survived the first 24 hours ‘sans les cigarettes’, but have to say not so successful with everything else.  I did manage to eat most of the listed leftovers yesterday, but there is still a small bowl of trifle and some fois gras lurking in the back of the fridge.  My mum is on her way back to Cornwall now, so I could officially dump it in the bin, but my Hubbie is hovering around me continuously in the kitchen lest I do not follow his strict instructions to finish everything up before we buy more.  I did manage to get the family to the Sunday market at Foret Fouesnant this morning, where they gave in and bought sausages and ham from the BBQ stand, and some yummy fresh baguette from the boulangerie, but Hubbie moaned all the way home.  I promised him a long coastal walk to Janine’s this afternoon, and the promise of letting him finally do some DIY (as he has withdrawal symptoms).   He cheered up a bit, and started cleaning as soon as we got home.

So back to my dilemma, what to stop today.  Or may’be I could turn it around……what to start today!  What about 30 mins of exercise a day? My walk will definitely take at least double that, so I would have a days’ bonus ahead for tomorrow. Sounds good. Here’s to one more day of leftovers, one more G&T, and a brisk afternoon walk in the hazy sunshine. Voila!

Keep Calm Walk On Compass necklace a great gift by soradesigns.

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