I QUIT! – Day 1

The sun is shining, I had a lovely long lie-in, read a book, and am now sitting on my hands trying not to smoke!

It’s been a while since I felt like this, I remember as a student on the many occasions I was giving up, in pubs sitting on my hands (in between downing pints of lager and packets of crisps).  It seems so much harder now. May’be it’s because I only have cups of coffee and the keyboard to distract me at the moment. I have promised to take this ‘Clean’ thing seriously, but in the meantime I am having to start slowly (as advised in the book to avoid total madness) and so have selected the dreaded cigarettes to banish from my life first.  After all, this is Day 1.  That sneakily means that I can have a glass of champagne later on today, and finish the chinese nibbles that didn’t get eaten last night (after all ‘waste not want not’, as my mother will no doubt say later).  Plus the fact my wise old hubbie wouldn’t let me buy Venison yesterday as he swore there  would be loads more food left over from the New Year buffet with the Hawkins last night.  He was, of course, right.  The leftovers unfortunately don’t really fit the ‘Clean’ bill, which are as follows; Mums sherry trifle, 12 oysters, salmon blini’s, winter coleslaw, dim sum, spring rolls, samosa’s, and a pain surprise.  Oh, and there are a few fruit in the fruit bowl.  So I suppose I could start there….  in the meantime, may’be I should just buy the t-shirt.


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