Our Life 2010 (the summer months)…..

Welcome to the second part of our photo blog of our highs (and a few lows) in 2010!.

The majority of July was spent in France, enjoying our time with friends.  No summer would be complete without some sort of trip there involving Doug and the girls.  This time he arrived before I did, and kept Sjef and I&T company for a few days. Of course Roger and Carol were there, Janine, Charles and George, and the added bonus of Simon, Kate Ollie and Jake, who kept us all amused on the beach day after day.

Of course there were arts and crafts…….

Some gentle sports…….

And I got into Jam making in a big way! (with a little help and advice from Pam the Jam at Camp Bestival)

We also saw old friends from C&A, Herve visited us from the North to BBQ on the terrace, and Eric and his wife sailed in to treat us to a trip to the Glennans.

Then at the end of July we headed to the UK for a spot of boutique camping, partying and dress up at Camp Bestival, with Helen, Charlie and Matthew. “Madness, they call it madness……”

At the beginning of August, it was back to Brittany for the last few days of holiday, where we celebrated an early birthday for Inigo as the following weekend I&T left for 2 weeks in Cornwall with Nana and Grandad.  Jason, Maria, Jaimie and Leo joined the party, along with George, Janine and Charles as always!

Sjef and I returned home to work. It was lovely to start after the holidays in my new job, as Marketing Manager at C&A, and I enjoyed the first 2 weeks in a quiet office, easing into the new role.

Then to finish off the summer, Dad drove I&T back to Brittany at the end of August, and we all met up to stay at Janine and Charles house (a lovely experience in the woods) before having our own place back from our French tenants.  The house was immaculate, they had looked after it really well, and it was lovely to end August with another celebration for Inigo, Sjef’s birthday, and Zoe’s Hen Do!!

But all good summers have to come to an end, and it was time to close up and head back to Brussels. Back to Work and Back to School, with an exciting Autumn ahead of us. Part 3 to follow later……….

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