Sausage rolls help fly the flag!

Life sometimes seems so unfair. You try and give your kids all you possibly can in life.  I even left the UK to find a strong healthy hunky dutch man, multi-lingual and multi-talented, to give them the best possible start in life (via their dna).  I thought great.  Bring them up in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual environment, and what happens?  They end up being as critical of the English as I am (which is my birthright!), and refusing to wear the English flag on their schools’ international day.  So off they trooped to school this morning, all draped in orange, singing dutch songs, while I smiled inwardly at the small comment let slip late last night………………. “but we have to have the sausage rolls, I promised my friends again, and anyway the dutch don’t have any national food apart from cheese – how boring!”  Haute British Cuisine!!

For those in the know – I cheat every time that email comes in from school and self bake, but with sausages from Jack O’Sheas (to die for) and ready made pastry.  Top it off with Branston pickle, and the kids’ll love you for one more day!

One Response to “Sausage rolls help fly the flag!”
  1. Sjef says:

    Unfortunately peanut butter sandwiches, another one of the Dutch national favorites, weren’t allowed into school due to risk of ‘nut allergy’. They must be nuts! Kids would have loved to complete their dutch outfits with a touch of dutch heritage (the Calve one with the chunks of peanut)…. who’s boring?
    Have to get back to Albert Heijn soon as we’re running out …:-))

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