All wrapped up…… I just love pretty packaging!

Ok I admit, I have a huge weakness for pretty packaging.  I’m the one who is more impressed by the ornate wrapping paper than by the gift lying inside.  I’m also the shopper who is totally taken in by the packaging design that wraps up even the most mundane everyday object.  Many a purchase has been the result of ‘that just looks so perfect/so colourful/so funky/so cool – I have to have it on one of the many cluttered surfaces of my home’.  And on top of that I read today that pre-menstrual women are much more likely to splurge on a shopping spree and feel guilty afterwards (so at least one reason to welcome the menopause I reckon!).  And basically, that explains last friday.

Left to my own devises, on a day off where I was supposed to be looking after kids (who suddenly found much more interesting play dates to go on) with a husband who stood me up for a work appointment instead of a lunch one (which he later regretted as he didn’t make as much money as I spent in that hour!!).  I had a bit of time on my hands. I thought I was behaving myself.  I just popped into Rob’s Gourmet in Woluwe, to pick up some lunchtime treat.  But that’s where it went wrong…….   Firstly I hadn’t eaten (mistake no 1), Secondly I had retail therapy withdrawal symptons (no work shopping trips since june, and only local ones to buy much needed kids clothes) and Thirdly a desire for something a little special (must be the pre-menstrual bit).  So I wandered around the aisles like a kid in a candy shop, imagining it was ‘Whole Foods’ in the states all over again (boy was that a wonderful experience!).  Problem was it’s twice the price, and nothing like Selfridges food hall.  However I did manage to focus on some nice packaging, and pick up a few bits and pieces to display on my kitchen shelves.  I guess it stopped the withdrawal symptons (and the urge for a us/uk shopping spree) for a few months more……….

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