Soup Swop!

Now this is something I really fancy trying out this autumn……….get a group of like-minded individuals together and swop your soup! It sounds such fun, create your favourite recipes in your kitchen, freeze up 4 portions in half litre containers, create some visuals and recipe leaflets to “sell” your soup, and then join an evening where everyone tells a story about their soup, and gets swopping! The intention is to go home armed with portions of soup you fancy and the recipes to go with, after an evening of chat and story swops that inspire you to create even more. I could just imagine a cosy evening in wet and windy Brussels, huddled round the kitchen table with a glass of wine, some cheese and lots of stories about soup. Anyone interested? I’m thinking of hosting in october or november……..will keep you posted!

3 Responses to “Soup Swop!”
  1. Hélène says:

    Always wanted to have a soup swop, finally! Requires a cauldron for each of us? Fancy to see all those women arrive through the autumn storms with their cauldrons. You know soup making and witchkraft are related?

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