Download the latest trends @ C&A

This is a tribute to a good friend and colleague of mine Yasmina – who has achieved the undeniable act of producing the most unexpected quote of this century “I finally enjoyed a morning shopping with you mum, they’re my type of clothes!”…… From the mouth of a ‘yo boy – I’m so cool at school’ 10 year old, it was music to my ears! My daughter loves the jeans collection at C&A but has shunned the tops in favour of her brand conscious/american-led background of abercrombie/hollister and, laterly uk background, superdry (and I can only blame my husband and mostly I for that addiction!). She mixes it with a passing nod to boden on the internet, for shoes, socks and nightwear. Inigo on the other hand, was happy to be clothed in whatever (from our extensive shopping backgrounds). Anything that we brought home, that we thought was nice/cool/suitable or downright trendy, he wore it. He saw no need for shopping. Now he has felt the adrenaline rush………and at least I have staff discount to keep it sensible. Go ‘Download’ Go ‘Boys @C&A!’ OMG for the future……….

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