Cooking with Cherries

During a trip to the NL last weekend, we passed by our house to empty the barn of the last remnants of our bits and pieces. I was rather surprised to see that tenants had not picked the latest crop of cherries and were obviously not interested in the joys of the garden. So I salvaged the last of the crop and journeyed back to Brussels with a bucket of cherries. Sunday consisted of me flicking through various recipe books, followed by an afternoon of joyous cooking (with regular hubbie trips to the local shop to buy one or two ingredients, again and again).
Problem was, I had no family to feed during the next week. So each day I rolled into work in my new role as Marketing Manager, armed with Clafoutis, and Cherry cake and preceeded to feed the office at 3pm sharp. I reckon I made a few friends in my first week, and you never know, they might even let me continue!!

2 Responses to “Cooking with Cherries”
  1. Julie says:

    What an amazing photo of the cherries on the scale! Loving your blog, keep up the good work!

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