There must be an i-phone app for……

romance on the train

Why does it always happen to me? Here I am again, on route to North West France, in First Class, next to a couple of old fogies, with a iphone loaded with movies, radio 4 podcasts, and the latest tunes.  And guess what, the kids have done it again, they’ve nicked the headphones out of my handbag!!  I have done 2 hours of old Sunday times ( a frequent traveller with me on various trips), downed a glass of rose (which brought frowns from the french woman opposite who is trying to chat up the old man next to me). And just recently I’ve discovered that hunky men are in the club 4 seats on either side of me. Why is life so unfair? Or has hubbie discovered an iPhone app that has profiles and photos of your fellow passengers. And chose my seat accordingly?

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