Absence makes the heart grow stronger (and tv is just bad for your eyes)

It felt weird but wonderful.  No kids, no cat, no hubbie……….. just peace and quiet.  Everything was in it’s place (whether right or wrong, it was exactly as I had left it this morning). Ok the dutch flags and the remnants of an orange defeat still hung over the house, but I did not have to climb over basketballs, school bags, discarded sneakers, and the remains of the dutch house move, to get in through the front door.  It was eerie.  No tv blaring, no hubbie glued to the computer screen, no cat calling for dinner and running water.  Just me, my shopping, and a chilled glass of wine waiting in the fridge.

I sat and contemplated my list of things to do, on the terrace.  Then I tidied up (some habits die hard), poured that glass of wine, prepared dinner, and slumped in front of the telly.  No arguments over which channel, just good old eastenders and holby city, two old favorites from a tuesday night routine long ago, when kids would go to bed sharpish and the hubbie was often away. (how things change).  But they hadn’t.  I could still follow the story lines, and I realised sometimes real life moves faster than tv life.  And I actually preferred being out there and living it.  So I’m happy to wait another 6 months for a quiet night in, in front of the telly, and that we’re all back together at the weekend.  They do say absence makes the heart grow fonder, it’s true, but tuesday night tv helps.

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