I’m sure my orange crocs made all the difference today…..

Sometimes in life you have to follow your heart and your man.  When it comes to football, it is vital.

So even though he was 100’s of kilometres away, I picked up the kids, rushed home, tuned in the dutch channel, got out the orange hats, flags and crocs, and sat glued to the tv for 90 (+5 unbearable) minutes. The job of football mum includes  feeding various nibbly bits to the kids, moderating their language as they screamed at the tv (obviously inherited from their dad via the quarter final in the irish pub last weekend), and trying to understand my son’s explanation of the rules and just why that WAS OFFSIDE!! In the age of technology it is also interesting how many sms/facebook messgaes and emails you get during the match……at one point I was juggling 3 friends and very excited hubby while trying to remember who had just scored/just missed the goal.  It is always a relief when they blow the final whistle, and you can surrender to dreaming about the next round (and what social event you’re going to tag it into).

Luckily Hubby and family are all together sunday, and with the help of some ‘ oranje ‘  friends and rejected brits, we’ll no doubt watch the weather, plan a BBQ, hang out under a brolly and spend more time screaming at the Tv.  C’est la vie!

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